Energy production, transmission and distribution 

We provide engineering and construction services for efficient and reliable energy generation, transmission and distribution projects to end users, both electrical and thermal.

We have performed numerous energy projects around the world:

  • electrical / thermal / hydro power facilities,
  • transmission lines,
  • transformer stations of all purposes and sizes
  • substations and
  • communal heating pipelines and heat exchange substations.

In cooperation with the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, we provide our clients with engineering, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning services, end-user training and maintenance services during the warranty period.

 Execution of electrical installation

We have gained experience on projects with variety of purposes:

  • commercial and business facilities, convention centers and hotels, stadiums, health facilities, residential buildings, etc.
  • infrastructure facilities on railways, roads (in tunnels), regional – city, municipal, etc. specialized systems for local production distribution stations in complexes of different purposes.

We provide our clients with design and construction services for electrical installations and systems, as well as maintenance services during the warranty period and beyond the warranty period.

Industrial solutions

We have built a significant number of industrial facilities and plants for various purposes:

  • various industrial facilities and plants (factories, industrial divisions, etc.)
  • potable and waste water treatment plants,
  • regional / urban / municipal water supply and sewerage systems.

The services we provide include engineering, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning of technological, mechanical and electrical equipment and systems, using modern project management techniques.