To maintain the status of a leader both in the field of works and engineering in equipping facilities with technological, mechanical and electrical equipment, as well as in the production, transmission and distribution of energy and industrial solutions.


  • Ethics. We have uncompromising integrity, honesty and justice.
  • We work continuously and are dedicated to ensuring that both employees and the wider community are safe from accidents of any kind and in a work-friendly environment.
  • We take great care in achieving perfection and adopt the motto: do things the right way, from the first attempt.
  • We inspire one another, giving purpose and importance to the things we do, creating business challenges and promising careers. We strive for the status of the required employer in the market of our profession.
  • Culture. We build, support and encourage teamwork, openness, honesty and value knowledge based on different education and background, experience and attitudes.
  • We create positive and lasting relationships with our customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and colleagues based on trust, respect and cooperation.
  • Innovations. We develop and apply world-renowned technologies and standards. We find and adopt the latest ideas, fighting complacency and routine.
  • Sustainability. We improve the quality of life in the environments we work in, respecting the local culture, using people from the local community and protecting the environment.


Wherever we go and whatever we build, we:

  • Demonstrate integrity. We apply the highest professional and ethical standards of conduct.
  • Respect. We treat people with respect and dignity. We listen and communicate on time and in advance.
  • Cooperate. We seek and provide assistance. We are grateful for that. We resolve mutual incompatibilities and conflicts for mutual satisfaction.
  • Gain trust. We commit ourselves responsibly and always keep our word. Openness is the basis for mutual understanding.
  • Achieve our goals. We plan every step, respecting all the commitments made.
  • “Learn, do, share”. We curiously find, share, and build upon all experiences and acquired knowledge.
  • Live in accordance with our principles. We adopt and continually actively contribute to our vision, values and covenant.