As a company, we have the following licenses for the preparation of technical documentation and construction of facilities for which licenses are issued by the Ministry of the Republic of Serbia in charge of construction, transport and infrastructure: I040M3, I051M2, I051E1, I052G1, I052M1, I052E1, I053G1, I053M1, I053E1, I061E1, I062E1, I071G3, I071M2, I072G3, I072M2, I073G3, I073M2, I102M1, I111G1, I111E3, I112E5, I141E1, I141E3, I144E1, I144E3, I150E3, I151E3.

A detailed description of the licenses we hold can be found at:

as well as on Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Web site >>>>

Our employees posess:

  • engineering licenses for Design and Construction
  • project management licenses and certificates
  • licenses for the design and implementation of special fire protection systems
  • international licenses for welding engineers’
  • occupational safety and health certificates
  • LEED green building certification program
  • certificates of professional competence to work on specialist programs, applications and devices


We use only licensed software and applications in our work.