At the site of the old coal dump in the East field of Tamnava, Energoprojekt Oprema and its partner GP Planum, completed the implementation of a significant infrastructure project. The construction of a new coal transportation and storage facility, which should provide energy efficiency through eco-management of coal quality, began at the end of 2016. The investor of the project is Public Company “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, and the funds are provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), German Development Bank (KfW) and Electrical Power Authority of Serbia (EPS).

“During the construction of such a complex facility, we encountered different challenges,” said Mirko Popovic, PM. “The most demanding works can be classified into four sections: surveying, steel construction, landfill construction and installation work.”

“In addition to the technical and technological challenges, the implementation of the project was influenced by the delay in obtaining a building permit, the absence of relevant survey data at the construction site, changes in design and technical documentation for few structures in order to accommodate mechanical equipment requirements inclement weather conditions during winter periods and constant presence of coal dust in the construction site zone” states Mirko.

The Project was handed over to the Investor for use on December 19th, 2019. Branislav Sladić, Mirko Popović, Novak Vasiljević, Aleksandar Jovanović, Vojislav Matić, Željko Marković, Svetlana Novaković, Dragan Marković and Marko Nikolić are members of the team who successfully took all challenges during the execution of the works and worked diligently to complete the project to the highest standards required, as well as to satisfy the Client and all participants. Project was divided in three units (packages) and the Consortium Energoprojekt Oprema a.d. and GP Planum has contracted and executed works under package C2: Infrastructure for Coal Quality Management, with the total value of more than EUR 17 million.