Energoprojekt Oprema had an external audit of the integrated management system (IMS) on 28.10.2019.


The audit program covers permanent and temporary organizational units (projects). At the final meeting of the auditors with the management of the company, it was emphasized that the implementation of activities covered by the subject matter and scope of certified management systems is confirmed and that the established management system is continuously aligned with the verification criteria and with legal and other requirements. Therefore, the review team recommends that certificates issued for SRPS ISO 9001:2015, SRPS ISO 14001:2015 and SRPS OHSAS 18001:2008 remain valid, and that certificates for SRPS ISO / IEC 27001:2014, SRPS ISO 50001:2012 and IQNet SR 10:2015.


Energoprojekt Oprema Pvt. first certification according to the standard SRPS ISO 9001 was in 25.03.1999. Other certificates are in use since 31.08.2005. (SRPS ISO 14001), December 8, 2008 (SRPS OHSAS 18001), 12/26/2016. (SRPS ISO / IEC 27001 and SRPS ISO 50001) and 01/17/2017. (IQNet SR 10).