In October of this year, Energoprojekt Oprema Pvt. representative visited SIEF, an international energy and electronics fair in South Korea. The goal was to explore the possibility of working together with Korean companies to compete in non-European markets.


The SIEF (Seoul International Electric Fair) is an annual fair, which, together with PGK (Power Generation Korea), brings over 220 exhibitor companies from all around the world. Electrical, electronics and power generation industries companies, both traditional and renewable, were presented at over 430 booths.


In addition, he visited the Shin Boryeong Thermal Power Complex (2×1,000MW installed power), the first Ultra-High-Efficiency USC (Ultra Super Critical) coal-fired power plant in Korea. The plant is three years old, employs 250 people and is owned by a state-owned company. The cost of construction was US $ 3 billion. Coal for production purposes is imported from Indonesia (4,200 calories) and Australia (5,500 calories) and is transported by ships. The power efficiency of the power plant is over 44%. Environmentally, the power plant meets high standards, which will become legislative in Korea in 2026. By comparison, TENT A uses coal with a calorific value of 2,900 to 8,400 and has an energy efficiency of about 30%, noting that the price of electricity in Korea is close to the price of electricity in Serbia.